2016 Year In Review

The pens and planners are out for the 2017 year. Organization, a portfolio refresh, and setting goals for the not too distant future are at the forefront of this cold Vancouver January for me. Before I get too immersed into this year, I want to reflect back for a brief moment on 2016.

Since narrowing my photographic focus to automotive and architectural work in 2015, I have been able to take on much more work in those areas. As a result, I have grown a lot in my skills and confidence in the past two years. I feel that I have expanded my photograpic eye, training myself to be more aware of how I am composing my images, and what I am very purposefully including or excluding from the frame. As well, I feel I have come more into my own style, understanding deeper what I love in photography and what I don't, and I have found my passion for photography as a whole has increased. 

This past year has given me the chance to get up close with more classic vehicles than previous years. As some of you know, this is one of the most exciting aspects to me in my job, as I am absolutely drawn to classic, quirky, elegant vehicles. One of these shoots was in October, with Hagerty Insurance. Alongside their production team, I photographed six different collector vehicles all around Vancouver. I was also fortunate to photograph a number of higher end sports and luxury cars this year. This enabled me to get behind the wheel and experience some of my favourites, definitely a perk of the job, which also makes me feel honoured to be trusted with these vehicles.

A number of shoots this year required me to learn and advance my skills in shooting, photoshop, and with equipment I hadn't used before. I am blessed to have had these opportunities and I remain thankful to my clients for having faith in me, and my willingness to rise to the challenge and ultimately deliver the desired results.  

With all that I've gained in 2016, I am looking forward to what's ahead of me in 2017, confident and ready to rock this year. I've included some of my favourite shots from 2016 above. Thank you all for your continued support!