A Little Too Deep In The Mud

Dirt and gravel spraying out from all wheels as the Moss Green Legacy SS slides around the corners into the BC backcountry. Smiles on both our faces hearing the Turbo spool and the diverter valve release over the signature grumble of the Boxer engine. Reid naturally flicks the car side to side while I, somewhat nervously, look for something to hang onto. Camera tightly gripped in my hands trusting in Reid's experience with the car the hope does pop into my head that my view over the STI scoop custom fabricated into the hood won't soon be a close up of trees or a ditch.

Reid’s best driving moments are always off the tarmac. “Shortly after I got the car on the road, I drove up to the interior of BC. Venturing into forest service roads by myself, I found an open field, got a little too deep into the mud, and high centred in some ruts. Being on my own with no winch was scary, but once I freed myself and looked back at the car it put a smile on my face”.

“Two other times I’ve been beached and had to be towed out. Looking back I probably should have lifted it, but I love the way it handles on the road as well”. 

The car started life with him as a winter beater, but became a full on passion project. Reid explains, “It all started with my job as a snowboard instructor. I wanted an AWD car and found a 90 Legacy non-turbo”. After an accident that put his head through the windshield, he upgraded, eyeing the variety of aftermarket parts available for Subarus. “I always wanted a turbo. So when I needed a winter beater to get me up the mountain it was a pretty easy decision”.