Cold Turkey | Thanksgiving Classic Car Adventures Sea to Sky Run 2017

Our alarm went off at 6:30am on a holiday Monday morning. The sun was starting to peak, and I was feeling better from what I thought was the start of a cold the night before. With the weather looking good and my health in perfect tact, it was time to rise and get ready to head out into the cold but beautiful day. Driving sneakers, layers, scarf, toque, camera, check, check, check. A little warm coffee and a bite to eat from our local JJ Bean then off through downtown, Stanley Park, and across the Lions Gate bridge to North Vancouver. Our fingers were cold, but our spirits were high as we arrived to see the lots full of classic cars and both new and familiar faces all smiling and ready to enjoy their cars one last time before the Canadian winter takes its' grip.

A quick drivers meeting and dispersing of people back to their vehicles and we aimed west for the Sea to Sky Highway along the waters and mountains of the Howe Sound towards a final meeting spot at the Sea to Sky Gondola. The event went off flawlessly, driving was enjoyed, cars were ogled, stories of the past season were shared and laughed about, and much of the next season was looked into by those already anticipating what it will hold. 

We finished the morning off having a great brunch in Squamish, and just like that, another car season came to a close with the Classic Car Adventures Thanksgiving Day Sea to Sky Run 2017.