Listing Photography

Listing Photography

Listing your classic, collector, or exotic vehicle for sale? With experience shooting for Bring A Trailer, Petrolicious Marketplace, and RM Sotheby's, my passion is to capture the true beauty of the cars I shoot. 

From planning a suitable location, to seeing the final images in the listing, I enjoy creating images that draw attention to the character and unique story behind each vehicle. 

I work to make sure this is apparent when a prospective buyer first looks at the ad. 

And when the seller frames that new print on their garage wall, I hope my work will bring back vivid memories of mountain drives and sunset cruises, or weekend wrenching and the first turn of ignition after a long restoration.

Shoots range between 2-3 hours. Depending on the complexity of the vehicle, shoots will produce between 30-70 images, sized appropriately for the desired listing and stored in your own private, password protected online gallery.

Please visit my contact page or email me at to inquire about shooting your vehicle.


The following images are a selection of the work I've done for different auctions and private sales.