The New Mazda 6 in The Okanagan Valley

Last Spring I spent a few days shooting the new Mazda 6 Signature for Mazda Canada on the backroads of B.C's Okanagan. Capturing Mazda's well loved Soul Red on a top trim model within the setting of lakes, mountains, forests, and resorts kept my inspiration peaked. Not even the frigid wind could dampen my enthusiasm. Weather systems quickly moving in and out, dark skies, dappled sunlight, bright afternoon, and calm evening; all scenarios gave different opportunities to use the light on that beautiful paint. Thankfully I did manage to avoid shooting and driving in the rain, for the most part(Great timing for those lunch breaks), keeping the car as clean as I could for those wonderful detailers.

The hilly landscape in and around Vernon made for a fun place to dart around on the curvy roads. Ducking into the shadow of a ridge and rising back into sun on a hilltop, weaving past wineries and lakes, it was honestly a bit dreamlike to be driving around the car in this setting. Driving and car photography are two of my greatest passions and this assignment fused them well. Any of that early day artist nervousness was put to ease as inspiration quickly took over through the first turns of the wheel on route to the mornings location. 

I've centred a lot on the photography so far, I suppose it would be good to talk about the car too, because it's pretty great. The Mazda 6 feels and looks upscale when compared with its predecessors. Exterior details add a premium quality to the Signature model. The interior is well laid out, simple, but sharp. I am a fan of Mazda's Kodo design language, and this is a great evolution of that.

This car, dare I say, felt better than many European luxury marques I've driven. Full size sedans tend to lose a sense of the road, even a sense of reality through obvious weight, excessive luxury items and unintuitive technology. This is where the Mazda differs. A nimble, sporty and aggressive feel replaces the usual downfalls of driving a full size sedan. This vehicle will have you throwing in some twisting detours between A and B. Oh and the new turbo, well that is just the icing on the cake, really. My only gripe is that we don't get the wagon in Canada.