Floods, Mudslides & Re-Routes | The Classic Car Adventures 2017 Spring Thaw

90 classic vehicles, rain, sun, and snow(for some), at least 10-15 re-routes due to flooding, an avalanche, and mudslides, and 200 people who rose above it all to thoroughly enjoy a weekend of epic driving through the beautiful towns, mountains, canyons, countryside and lakes of British Columbia.

I must express thanks to the organizers at Classic Car Adventures for creating such a thrilling and ejoyable driving experience despite mother nature throwing her best temper tantrum at you. I don't think there's anyone who could've dealt with the situations you were given better. Thanks to Dave, Warwick, Sue, and Snucins. 

A big thanks also to Hagerty for providing peace of mind with insurance coverage and roadside support for the participants. I have heard nothing but good reviews about Hagerty since I heard about them years ago. If you do visit there website you might also notice that there websites banner images are from yours truly ;)

And finally, another thanks goes to RWM & Co. for providing not one but two sweep cars for anyone who runs into trouble with their classics. Amazing support, and amazing team. Always at the CCA events, ready to help, even if it means long hours.