A Perfect Plan B | The Classic Car Adventures Fall Alternate

The Fall Classic put on by the gents at Classic Car Adventures was to take place within the setting of the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington. Everything was booked and set in place, seemingly smooth compared to the Spring Thaw earlier in the year that required multiple route changes on the fly due to flooding and landslides in the British Columbia interior. We were all looking forward to exploring the roads and scenery around the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon until we picked up on the local news in the area. Forest Fires. Similar to our struggle in the BC interior this summer, Oregon was having a time with fires near the Gorge.

With the risk too high, the whole route had to be cancelled a week before the start. Dave, who is a very resilient event organizer wasn't one to get down from this setback. He was quick to get back on his feet and diligently work out a route back in our own area of BC. All the details were again set, and most of the folks comitted to the orginal plan were able to join in for the very first Fall Classic Alternate! Way to go Dave!

The drive encompassed a plethora of incredible scenery with perfect weather throughout. The roads were in great condition, the cars were all running well, mountain goats were enjoyed up close by a few, and a bear mother and her cubs were also enjoyed from a safe distance. There were delicious sandwiches from Horstings Farm in Cache Creek, and a pleasant evening of good company and food in Kamloops. The only setback was a couple of very slow(glacial) moving campers along the stretch from Pemberton to Duffy Lake.

While the rest of the group moved on the next morning towards Manning park on what we heard was quite an epic drive(specifically the stretch to Tullameen), we chose to stay in Kamloops to spend a litle time with some family there. We were sad to miss out on the Sunday action, but glad to hear everyone had a great time and got through the drive just before the rains came. It was the perfect alternate event.

We should also mention here that we drove through some areas of BC which were very heavily affected from the forest fires. Hills upon hills of charred ground and burnt sticks that were once trees. The damage was saddening, but we were glad the fires had now passed and we could drive through once again. Hopefully we were able to bring some tourism revenue through these areas that had to remain evacuated through much of their usually busy summer months. If you travel through these towns in the next while please stop in to the local mom and pop shops to spend your road trip money. There is delicious food and friendly faces to be found in many of these places, and I am sure they will be grateful to have your business after the recent devastation.  I know there are also several places to donate what you can to help out those affected.