Vintage Travelling Companions

Can you imagine crossing much of the world in historic vehicles so exposed to the elements? And would you do it? Where would you desire, but also fear the most to go?

These rare, British pre war era vehicles have crossed continents, much under their own power. Amsterdam to Auckland, Nova Scotia to Alaska. India and others are also in the works or maybe been done already.
Through a bit of research it seems they are little known and have been spotted by discerning eyes very seldom on their long journeys. I would love to hear the stories these adventurers have to tell. I did not get to meet them, but I was fortunate to be able to view these rare cars while they were stopped here in British Columbia awaiting the next leg of their journey.

These pre war travelling companions consist of two 1920's Alvis 12/50's, a 1935 Alvis 3 1/2 Litre, and a 1930's Lagonda M45 Tourer. Carrying parts, tools and the necessary support items came a 1977 Land Rover Forward Control 101. 

This collections was shot for RWM & Co while these vehicles were stopped between trips for storage and some work.