Road Trip to Long Beach | XS Carnight

Irregular eating, fatigue, smelly clothes, gross truck stop restrooms, and plenty of unhealthy food... I love roadtrips! Okay, so not all road trips are quite like this, but a quick cannonball style run down the I5 from Vancouver to LA definitely has all these commonalities.

Two VW's and two Audi's were the vehicles in which 8 of us friends bombed down the I5 highway in April 2018 with the destination of Long Beach California and the XS Carnight show. Two of us were from RPI, the shop responsible for most, if not all the modifications to the 4 cars on the trip, and I must extend a special thanks to Jonny from RPI for the bulk of the organizing.

The drive was certainly long as is expected but what helped was switching up not only drivers but cars. It kept things fresh and new, helping to alleviate some fatigue. The house we stayed at in Bixby Knolls was basically a castle, offering bedrooms and bathrooms for each person, stairwells and corridors, large main rooms, an outdoor pizza oven, basketball court, hot tub, pool table, bar, and a even a knight. The house was a welcome site to eight totally haggard dudes who just spent the last hour and a half in LA traffic and 22 or so hours before that on the highway.

The day after arrival had us visiting some local businesses including Rotiform and Period Correct. Touring Rotiform and seeing the wheel making process was pretty cool for sure, and we were all happy to gain some softgoods from one of Rotiforms' guys' side project Driver Supply Co. The afternoon took us to Huntington Beach Pier and back to our place for some car washing and pizza making.  

The final full day in LA started with coffee and breakfast at Deus Emporium, Venice and a brief stop at Bartel's Harley dealer to keep one of the members of our crew happy. A lunch stop at Steelcraft fueled us for an afternoon at the XS-Carnight show at Shoreline Park, and fill us it did. I didn't know that I ever wanted a Waffle/Croissant sandwich before, but a waffant I had, and thoroughly enjoyed. The car show was very different. The location is incredibly beautiful and offers creativity in photographing the heavily customized cars spacially, with high and low vantage points and with beautiful backgrounds in every direction. The cars are parked with plenty of space between them which gives you lots of room to enjoy the cars with or without camera, a nice change from having cars jammed together in parking spaces at so many regular shows. There were a good number of high end, quality and interesting customizations to be found and scoped out in closer detail. All together it's a well put together show with plenty of creative builds and entertainment at a unique location.

After a short sleep and an early wakeup we hit the PCH and started North for the journey home. Some rolling shots down the Malibu oceanfront as the sun peaked out over the hills started the morning off right. Some very bad coffee at McDonald's dampered spirits slightly, but the continuing scenery and curvy roads kept us thankful that we were not on the I5 again. Scenery flew by as we snaked up the coast. San Fransisco, the redwoods, the coast, 16 hours of driving later found us staying overnight in yurts on the Oregon Coast and the next morning we took off early again to enjoy some stops by the seaside before the last stretch home through Washington and back across the border.